Oakland Animal Hospital, 86 Ramapo Valley Rd, Oakland is pleased to announce the expansion and continuation of our cryosurgery department. As recently demonstrated on television involving cryosurgery or freezing of appropriate tissues on the bodies of animals without general anesthesia, we are now able to perform removal of certain skin growths on dogs and cats. In most cases, a short-acting local anesthesia is used to complete the surgery while awake and at reduced risks. Occasionally a second treatment 2-3 weeks later is repeated.

The technique has been used by a dermatologist medical physician to achieve a similar option on people for a number of years. The expansion into the realm of veterinary care has opened the door for a valuable procedure to be performed on pets and other animals. In most cases, as in people, the cryosurgery is completed on an out-patient basis with little to no hospitalization needed.

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