Original article by Jackie Shelton for topdogvitamins.com
Most people tend to think of their pets as part of their family. Pets provide company, friendship and will listen to our problems without complaint. In return, we reciprocate with companionship and provide them with a comfortable place to sleep, medical care and food. We also have a responsibility to keep them safe.

Many pet owners become so close with their pets they almost seem human. For the most part, this is harmless – that is, until it comes to their diet. As omnivores, humans are capable of eating a wide range of substances, but that is not the case for our animal friends. Dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles metabolize foods differently from humans, and therefore require different diets. In fact, some foods and substances that are perfectly harmless for humans can prove to be toxic for pets.

Responsible pet owners should know these potentially toxic foods and other items so they can prevent their pets from ingesting them. It also can be beneficial to understand how and why some of these substances are harmful to pets.

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