It’s sunny and warm here around Oakland, and the long and bright summer days are beckoning us to have some fun outside. Here are our suggestions and tips on safe and fun activities you can do with your canine friends.

Walking and hiking

Walking is an excellent way for dogs (and their humans) to get much-needed exercise. For their safety, dogs should always be walked on a leash attached to a properly fitted collar. Dogs in good health should easily be able to walk a mile and can gradually work up to walking several miles at a time.

If you plan to head off the beaten path to admire nature’s beauty while hiking, your dog can safely accompany you. Remaining hydrated is as critical for our pets as it is for us, so offer your pup water periodically.

Remember: Don’t leave anything behind. Always carry plastic bags while walking or hiking so you can clean up after your dog when necessary.


If you enjoy camping, you probably want your four-legged companion to accompany you. What dog wouldn’t enjoy the smell of hotdogs roasting over a campfire? As with any outdoor activity, dogs should be kept on a leash or supervised while restricted to a tie-out. Campgrounds typically contain many dogs, and allowing dogs to roam off-leash could lead to a fight. Most campgrounds strictly enforce leash/restraint policies for the safety of all pets and people.

Remember: Any outdoor activity can expose your pet to fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, and wooded areas pose an even higher risk. Before heading to the great outdoors with your pup, ask us about the appropriate flea, tick, and heartworm preventive medication.


Many dog breeds love water and enjoy swimming. Some dog parks offer a fenced swimming area so pets can safely enjoy the water. Be cautious if allowing your dog to swim in open water, as she may venture too far from you. Using a long leash will allow your pet to enjoy the water while still under your control.

Remember: It might be called the “doggie paddle,” but not every dog can swim. Be sure your pup can stay afloat and enjoys the water before heading to your favorite dog-friendly swimming hole.

Questions or concerns before heading off on a summer adventure with your four-legged friend? Contact us!